CyberArk’s Third Annual EMEA Summit Shines Spotlight on Changing Threat Landscape

July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011 – Cyber-Ark® Software the leading global information security provider for protecting and managing critical applications, identities and sensitive information, today announced highlights from its third EMEA Summit, a conference dedicated to Customers and Partners across the region. Taking place in Barcelona, Spain, last month the event featured a keynote speech from Robert Schifreen, the IT security expert, as well as several track sessions which provided attendees with best practice guides and indicators as to the next big security trends.

“Cyber-Ark’s European Customer Conference is designed to provide our customers with unique insight into the latest security trends affecting their organisations, and an overview of our recently launched products, including the Privileged Session Manager for Databases and Virtualization and On-Demand Privileges Manager for Unix/Linux,” said Udi Mokady , CEO of Cyber-Ark Software. “Hearing from industry experts such as Robert Schifreen, as well as listening to best practice implementations, ensures that our customers are better equipped to deal with new threats as and when they occur.”

Speaking on day two of the event, Robert Schifreen’s presentation centred on the topic – “The hacking landscape – how it’s changing and why you must too”. Analysing recent high profile breach incidents, Schifreen urged attendees to put security at the heart of corporate operations – making it a consideration within every change of process, system and policy. He also highlighted the need to take an all encompassing view of security – assessing not only the relative merits of security solutions, but also the risks that they don’t address.

“Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen the threat landscape evolve and with it, our solutions,” concluded Mokady. “As the external threat looks set to surpass the internal threat, it will be essential for organisations to review their own practices and policies and assess their suitability for the times ahead. Through attending this important event, our customers are now better prepared than ever to stay ahead of that security curve.”

Further sessions saw Cyber-Ark’s partners and customers within the banking, telecommunications and high-tech industries, participate in networking discussions on the topics of Unix security, hard-coded passwords, and on-going targeted attacks amongst others.

“Cyber-Ark’s EMEA summit is always a highlight in our corporate calendar,” said Mr Jess Garcia, President at Insectra Technology Services. “The insight into Cyber-Ark’s product roadmap, as well as that provided by other attendees, is completely unique in this industry and a real value-add for our organisation.”