Security vendor consolidation

Too many vendors leads to complexity and, ironically, gaps in security.

Too much of a good thing?

The number of solutions and technologies required to protect an organization can feel overwhelming.

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79 Percent

Say working with multiple vendors presents significant challenges.*

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69 Percent

Agree that prioritizing vendor consolidation would lead to better security.*

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66 Percent

Are actively consolidating the number of cybersecurity vendors they work with.**

Fewer vendors. More benefits.

Smaller gaps in overall coverage, reduced need for specialized skillsets, and quicker time to value. It’s a win, win, win for your business.

Secures More, Costs Less

Identity Security is a comprehensive approach for securing all identities – IT admins, third-party vendors, and remote workers – throughout the cycle of accessing critical assets.

Secures More, Costs Less

Proven Blueprint for Success

All the tools and processes you need from a single trusted vendor. Follow the prescriptive guidance of the CyberArk Blueprint to future-proof your Identity Security.

Blueprint for Success

Achieve Zero Trust

Zero Trust models demand that anyone and everything trying to connect to an organization’s systems must first be verified before access is granted. Seek out vendors who know the value of Zero Trust — and enable you achieve it.

Achieve Zero Trust


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Reduce complexity and risk

Improve security posture

Achieve broader coverage with fewer security gaps