Udi Mokady
Founder, President & CEO

Udi Mokady is the President and CEO of CyberArk, and a pioneer in establishing the Privileged Account Security software market.  Since co-founding the company in 1999, Mokady has entrenched CyberArk as the market leader in privileged account security and compliance.  During his tenure at CyberArk, Mokady has also served as CyberArk’s chief strategist and visionary, overseeing global expansion, management, execution and corporate development.

Chen Bitan, General Manager EMEA & APAC

Chen Bitan
General Manager, EMEA & APAC

Chen Bitan is the General Manager of EMEA & APAC at CyberArk. In this role, he manages the company’s global research and development organization, the cyber security research lab, and the professional services teams in EMEA and APAC. Bitan played an instrumental role in bringing CyberArk’s products from prototype to market leading enterprise class solutions, with a strong focus on fulfilling market requirements with highly secured solutions and a continuously innovative approach.

Joshua Siegel, CFO of CyberArk

Josh Siegel
Chief Financial Officer

Josh Siegel is the chief financial officer of CyberArk. With more than twenty years of financial experience in both public and private global organizations, Siegel has led company public and private offerings, capital restructurings and varied commercial transactions across hi-tech and the financial sectors.


Ron Zoran
Vice President Sales, Americas

Ron Zoran has worked at CyberArk since the company’s founding in 1999 and today is the Vice President of Sales, Americas. Zoran leads the Americas sales, sales engineering and channel sales teams, responsible for driving overall business growth in the region, which includes the U.S, Canada and Latin America.

Vice President Sales, EMEA - CyberArk

Nick Baglin
Vice President Sales, EMEA

Nick Baglin is Vice President of EMEA Sales at CyberArk. He is responsible for further expanding CyberArk’s growing business across EMEA, as well as increasing global revenues and channel partnerships as part of CyberArk’s management team.


Vincent Goh
Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan

Vincent Goh is Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan at CyberArk. Goh leads the sales and channels teams, and is responsible for driving CyberArk’s growing customer base and channels across the region.


CyberArk - Vice President, Product Management

Roy Adar
Senior Vice President, Product Management

Roy Adar is the Senior Vice President of Product Management at CyberArk. In his role he is responsible for CyberArk’s product management, product marketing and overall product strategy.

John Worrall is the Chief Marketing Officer at CyberArk.

John Worrall
Chief Marketing Officer

John Worrall is the Chief Marketing Officer at CyberArk. He is responsible for the company’s global marketing efforts including product marketing, branding, corporate communications and all lead generation activities including the inbound, channels and field marketing. He brings over fifteen years of global information security business management, marketing and product management experience to the team.

Executive Vice President, Americas

Adam Bosnian
EVP, Global Business Development

Adam Bosnian is the executive vice president of global business development at CyberArk. He is responsible for managing and expanding global strategic relationships with technology partners at CyberArk.

Nir Gertner serves as chief technology officer of CyberArk.

Nir Gertner
Chief Information Technology Officer

Nir Gertner serves as chief information technology officer of CyberArk. With more than fifteen years of experience in enterprise systems security, Gertner is responsible for CyberArk’s information technology and information security. Gertner was a member of CyberArk’s initial core founding team and continues to play a critical role in developing CyberArk’s technological vision and roadmap.


Ruth Shaked
Vice President, Human Resources

Ruth Shaked is the Vice President of Human Resources at CyberArk. She is responsible for the company’s global human resources strategy including talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, compensation programs, succession planning, employee relations and welfare. She brings more than 20 years of global human resource management experience to CyberArk.