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Outsourcing Technology, Inc. provides services such as engineer dispatching of IT, mechanical, electronic, electrical and software and development contracting, as well as import/export, sales, design/build, maintenance, and other technical services related to network, computer and information communication system hardware, software, and services for companies, mainly in the technology outsourcing business in Japan.

Founded in 2004, we have more than 40 offices throughout Japan and works closely with domestic and overseas group companies in the manufacturing and engineering fields to provide technical support to clients in a wide variety of industries.

We have more than 24,000 technical engineers who have been involved in the implementation and operation of a variety of businesses and systems at over 4,000 companies.

We can provide technical support for all aspects of corporate security, from privileged access management with CyberArk to cloud configuration and operations, in a manner that is suited to the characteristics of the IT environment of Japanese companies.

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