MTN South Africa Deploys Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault to Automate Data Exchange with Authorized Law Enforcement Agencies

November 22, 2010

NEWTON, Mass. — November 22, 2010 — CyberArk® Software, a leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today announced that MTN South Africa (SA) has deployed the Inter-Business Vault® to automate the secure exchange of data with trusted third-parties, including law enforcement agencies. MTN SA is South Africa’s leading customer service provider in the telecommunications industry. The integration of the Inter-Business Vault, part of Cyber-Ark’s Governed File Transfer Suite, with MTN SA’s mail infrastructure also eased the company’s transition from paper to electronic data and improved operational responsiveness and productivity through faster and more accurate data transfer.

MTN SA’s decision to partner with Cyber-Ark was driven by business and legal requirement to quickly, securely and accurately transfer investigation data to authorized law enforcement agencies to assist in their cases and investigations. Due to an information infrastructure and process that did not support automated data logs, secured access control or electronic data copy, MTN SA lacked a centralized, secure and reliable means to exchange this sensitive data.

“Because our previous ways of sharing reams of data with third-parties negatively impacted our productivity and simply did not correlate with our new standards for efficiency, we needed to identify a solution that solved these challenges and enabled our operations team to focus on higher impact goals,” said Louis Nel, chief information officer of MTN SA. “Our deployment of Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault not only allowed us to automate these processes, but also ensured that the move to electronic data was seamless and that the data presented in the court of law remained completely accurate.”

MTN SA Achieves Greater Productivity and Audit Goals While Going “Paperless”

Since the deployment of the Inter-Business Vault, MTN SA has effectively automated the data transmissions process, simultaneously shrinking data delivery time from days to hours and increasing the efficiency of internal analysts. The implementation also supported MTN SA’s organizational transition toward a focus on efficiency and effectiveness through electronic data and more flexible, innovative and adaptable transfer processes.

A flexible, centralized governed file transfer solution, Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault automatically compresses and encrypts transferred files, while creating auditable transfer logs to ensure that the data presented in the court of law mirrors that provided to investigators at the time of subpoena. With the Inter-Business Vault in place and fully integrated with MTN SA’s mail infrastructure, the company can now share automated notifications of new subpoena requests and electronic copies of data between internal analysts and law enforcement agencies. This process ensures that MTN SA can meet its new paperless office goals while saving money by significantly reducing printing costs and courier fees.

“With Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault technology, MTN SA is realizing the operational benefits of a fully automated, secure and centralized platform for the transfer of critical investigation data,” said Udi Mokady, president and CEO of Cyber-Ark. “More importantly, the decreased data transfer time and auditable transfer logs ensure that MTN SA continues to provide investigators with the tools necessary to ensure successful and accurate prosecutions and acquittals.”