Secure Browser

Provide enhanced security, privacy and productivity for your enterprise, while delivering a familiar and customized user experience.

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Safeguard your most valuable resources

Web browsers are the gateway to all your most sensitive apps, data and resources. Harden the browser with custom security and monitoring controls to protect both your users and your business.

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Ensure secure access from unmanaged devices

Extend visibility and access control beyond the perimeter to unmanaged devices, ensuring secure access for the workforce and third parties.

Control user actions inside web apps

Bake security policies into the browser to prevent data exfiltration and compromise of sensitive resources and data.

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Prioritize both privacy and productivity securely

Protect your end users from privacy intrusions, tracking and data theft and sharing.

Deliver a superior user experience

Provide a frictionless user experience with productivity tools and a familiar interface.

Enable a true passwordless experience

Ensure users never have to see or enter corporate credentials to any application, critical resource, or secure item across the complete identity journey.

Why a Secure Browser?

In today’s digital world, the web browser is the primary gateway for employees and third parties to access enterprise resources. Web browsers are essential to how companies operate – they are the connective tissue between identities, applications, and data. This makes them a primary target for cybercriminals and a prominent vector for security breaches.

Enterprise-focused web browser designed with a security-first approach

Extend privileged access controls to your corporate resources via the web browser, while providing a frictionless experience.

Cookie theft protection

Prevent attackers from stealing, forging, altering, or manipulating authentication cookies or session tokens to gain unauthorized access to sensitive resources.

Password replacement

Reduce the risk of unauthorized password exfiltration by automatically replacing passwords with dynamically generated, secure one-time passwords.

Prevent data exfiltration

Control access to the clipboard, restrict file uploads or downloads, prevent screen capture, printing and browser extensions to stop data exfiltration attempts that can compromise your business.

Easy and fast access

Give users one-click access to your frequently used apps, PAM resources and third-party tools right from the secure browser.

Strong authentication

Connect to your corporate Identity Provider to apply enterprise policies and ensure users are who they say they are.

Built-in identity security controls

CyberArk’s market-leading security controls are baked into the browser and offer access to our solutions through strong cross-platform integrations.