As a bank, compliance is a huge challenge — with CyberArk we knew we were purchasing from a vendor that understood this.

Jethro Cornelissen

Global Lead & Head of Global Security Operations Center
Rabobank International

Meet Requirements – Effectively. Easily.

Simplify Audit and Compliance Requirements. Save Time.

Privileged credentials and accounts are critical risks that must be managed. They are used as an attack vector in virtually every advanced targeted attack, and are at risk of insider threats. Their power can provide unlimited access, so it’s no surprise that internal auditors and compliance regulations set specific controls and reporting requirements for the usage of these accounts.

Multiple Regulations, One Integrated Solution

Organizations face a multitude of IT ecompliance demands, and need a system that can centrally manage, collect and report on privileged credential and account activity. Without a single, integrated approach to privileged identity management and privileged session management, passing the next security audit will be a complex and time-consuming challenge.

Know Who, When, Why and What

CyberArk offers the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated solution for privileged account protection, accountability and intelligence. When used together, the Privileged Identity Management and Privileged Session Management suites provide the industry’s most robust solution that controls and monitors privileged credentials, as well as controlling and monitoring the actual privileged session.

Key Benefits of Integrated Solution

  • Simplified, cost-effective audit reporting through a single, centralized repository of all audit data.
  • Automated enforcement of privileged account policies ensuring continuous monitoring to deliver adherence to audit requirements.
  • Complete visibility into “who, when and why”, but also exactly “what” took place during the privileged session.
  • Seamless user experience for privileged users, with no need to re-enter a privileged password or credential.
  • Reduced cost of ownership with a single platform and management functions.

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