Get a comprehensive and integrated solution for securing ‘root’ access

Across the enterprise, IT administrators, application developers, database administrators and others are known to have permanent, continuous yet anonymous super-user privileges. This provides too much exposure to privileged accounts that can access business critical systems and data. Enterprises must know and control who is accessing critical systems and information, when and why they are accessing them and what actions they take.

For organizations with audit, compliance and security concerns in their UNIX environments, CyberArk offers a comprehensive solution for securing ‘root’ access, granting granular access control to perform privileged super-user commands and real-time monitoring or recorded playback of SSH keystroke sessions with the ability to search sessions at the command level.

CyberArk audits and reports on all privileged activity performed through SSH, protects against malware-based attacks, provides real-time alerts on malicious command-level activity, and is an integral part of a comprehensive privileged account protection, accountability and intelligence solution.

Key benefits

  • Reduce total cost of ownership with a unified, policy-driven solution for sharedaccount/software-account password management (SAPM) and super-user privilege management (SUPM) in Unix/Linux environments, eliminating the need for two separate products.
  • Secure and protect ‘root’ accounts and control ‘root’ command activity to minimize data breaches and outages.
  • Meet stricter audit and compliance requirements with comprehensive audit logging and session monitoring capabilities for Unix/Linux activity that does not change native Unix workflows.
  • Easily pinpoint critical enterprise security system failures with advanced monitoring and reporting tools.