Gil Rapaport

Chief Solutions Officer  |   Management Team

About Gil

As the Chief Solutions Officer at CyberArk, Gil Rapaport is responsible for leading CyberArk’s Identity Security solutions organization, focused on a value-centric security first mindset in securing customers’ identities.

Rapaport is an experienced entrepreneur, who has built companies ranging from early-stage start-up to post-startup, as well as businesses in restart mode with a keen focus on assembling smart, skilled teams that know how to reach sustainable growth.

Rapaport joined CyberArk following their 2015 acquisition of Viewfinity, where he was President and co-founder, which became CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager. Continuing with his enterprising spirit, Gil also co-developed a new product line of password-less and VPN-less technology that is now foundational for CyberArk Remote Access and Vendor PAM products.

Most recently, Rapaport was the General Manager of CyberArk Access solutions where he managed business and product strategy for CyberArk Identity. In this role, he helped scale CyberArk to a leadership position in the Access Management market by leading the development and launch of innovative security-first identity products, Secure Web Sessions, and Secure Browser.

Prior to joining CyberArk, Gil was with CA as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for XOsoft (acquired by CA). Rapaport earned his MBA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Chief Solutions Officer | Management Team