Since 1998, blueAPACHE has been helping organisations access technology to their business advantage, providing IT management, IT strategy and converged IT services to clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and North America.

blueAPACHE is renowned for helping organisations grow by removing the IT capital investment required to fund expansion. By delivering IT as a Service, blueAPACHE has revolutionised the way organisations access technology and communications with affordable solutions that provide true scalability, elasticity, and agility.

The team of industry specialists work together to provide outstanding solutions to complex technology problems. In addition to taking ownership of clients IT challenges, blueAPACHE also leverages technology to improve business performance, align strategy, and drive their business objectives.

With technical expertise, experience, and infrastructure, blueAPACHE are the ideal technology partner for organisations looking for a professional IT services partner that will enable them to free up capital expenditure and focus on their core business – knowing that their IT is aligned to their needs, tailored for their objectives, and underpinned by a team of industry experts.


Managed Services Provider

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