Innovery was established in Italy in 2001 with private capital. It is specialized in the field of Cybersecurity, but it operates successfully in each ICT environment offering system integration services as well as services for planning and creating new solutions to support the development and growth of medium-size and large companies. It has nine offices in the world including Italy, Spain and Mexico. In these last two markets, it has quickly reached a leading role thanks to its ability to offer efficient and innovative solutions in the E-business environment.

Its ability in offering efficient and innovative solutions has satisfied more than seventy clients. Among them, there are some of the most important industries, financial and telecommunication companies, Public Administration offices as well as Gaming and Utility.

Innovery is divided into eight business units: Big Data, Security, E-Business, Billing System, Mobile Solutions, Managed Services, Health Care, and Funded Projects. Each unit is composed of highly certified employees.

Mission: Through research and discoveries, we are committed in identifying integrated solutions in the ICT world, in order for innovation to be people-friendly and improve everybody’s quality of life. Innovation comes from ideas and ideas come from people.

Vision: We want to become one of the most relevant players in the Security, Billing and E-Business sectors, strengthening our markets and investing in new ones through acquisitions and integrations.

Values: Innovation Innovation is the key for the future. Our commitment is to identify the up to date solutions and to always guarantee quality services.
Expertise Our twenty-year passion has allowed us to transform our expertise into our biggest asset. This permits us to stand out in our consultancy services.
Clients Oriented Clients are the core of our projects. We project and develop solutions that are in line with their demands respecting constant quality standards.
Human Value The individual growth corresponds to everybody’s growth. This is our key value and this is the reason why we support each employee in their professional training




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