May 10, 2024

EP 52 – Built to Last: CyberArk’s 25-Year Innovation Evolution w/ Founder and Executive Chairman Udi Mokady

In this episode of the Trust Issues podcast, host David Puner interviews CyberArk Founder and Executive Chairman Udi Mokady on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary. They discuss that milestone and reflect on CyberArk’s growth to becoming the global leader in identity security and the ever-evolving threat landscape – and how the company has scaled to meet it. Udi shares his insights on the company’s culture, values, philosophies and lessons he’s learned. He also dives into the importance of innovation, the role of AI in cybersecurity and his future aspirations for the company. 

And, because we say in the episode that we’ll share it here, Mark Knopfler’s new album is entitled ‘One Deep River’ … Udi describes it as great for driving and optimistic

Enjoy the podcast!