Cyber-Ark Launches Privileged Identity Management Suite to Protect Against Insider Threats and Data Theft

March 23, 2009

Cyber-Ark Launches Privileged Identity Management Suite to Protect Against Insider Threats and Data Theft

New Privileged Session Manager Introduces Monitoring and Recording Capabilities for Sensitive User Sessions; Powers Remote Single Sign-On for Privileged Identities

Newton, MA – 23rd March 2009 – Cyber-Ark Software, the leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today announced availability of its Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0. The Suite is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for securing, managing and monitoring all activities associated with powerful privileged accounts, including both administrative and application identities. It is comprised of enhanced Enterprise Password Vault®, Application Identity Manager™ products, and features the new Privileged Session Manager™ that provides sensitive session monitoring and recording, secure remote access, and privileged single sign-on capabilities.

With its Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0, Cyber-Ark becomes the only vendor to offer a full lifecycle solution to secure, manage, log and monitor all privileged accounts – including the sensitive application identities embedded within applications and scripts, and administrative passwords found in routers, servers, databases and workstations. The Suite features a single, central infrastructure and provides administrators with greater fine-grained access control and advanced web-based reporting capabilities to address important audit and compliance questions. With new session recording capabilities and multiple password inventory reports, administrators can better answer not only “who” accessed sensitive information, but also “what” was done with that information once it was accessed.

Privileged Session Manager – Recording and Monitoring, Secure Remote Access
Privileged access to enterprise resources raises many challenges, including control over “who” is entitled to access sensitive devices, “who” within and outside an organization can initiate privileged sessions, as well as “what” is being done during those sessions. To address those challenges, the new Privileged Session Manager provides the only fully integrated and centralized solution to securing, controlling and monitoring privileged access to network devices. This product offers a robust set of capabilities, such as:

  • Recording and Monitoring Privileged Session Activities: Privileged Session Manager enables organizations to control and monitor privileged access to sensitive systems and devices, and provides privileged session recording with DVR-like playback. Recordings are stored and protected in the Digital Vault Server® and are accessible to entitled auditors.
  • Secure Remote Access: Privileged Session Manager allows browser-based access to managed devices. This functionality is critical, especially as privileged access is often required by external third party vendors who may need to conduct trouble shooting or device maintenance on a secure network. These users require extra care that is made possible through secure remote access and secure session initiation, without exposing credentials.
  • Privileged Single Sign-On: To date, single sign-on solutions have not addressed the security vulnerabilities of privileged accounts. The new Privileged Session Manager effectively closes that gap. A single login to the Privileged Identity Management portal with optional 2-factor authentication allows connections to managed devices without knowing the connection passwords. This enables customers to enforce 2-factor authentication for sensitive device access without the need to deploy a complex single sign-on solution.

“By providing our customers with a robust, proven, easy-to-deploy suite of privileged identity management solutions, customers can decide which component they would like to start with, and build out from there,” said Udi Mokady, president and CEO of Cyber-Ark Software. “Any organization with an IT department, system administrators and/or sensitive information has security vulnerabilities we can solve; it’s just a matter of deciding where to start. This Suite provides unmatched flexibility in a single out-of-the-box solution that simplifies audit and compliance requirements by answering questions associated with “who” has access and “what” is being accessed.”

The introduction of Cyber-Ark’s Privileged Identity Management Suite comes at a critical time, as the number of data breaches are on the rise during the current economic downturn. The number of data breaches at businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in the United States jumped by nearly 50 percent in 2008 compared with 2007, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a nonprofit organization that supports victims of identity theft and broadens public awareness of the problem.

Privileged Identity Management Suite – Central Point of Control, Consistent Security
Privileged and application accounts represent the most powerful IT users in an organization given their wide-ranging access, yet they are often the least monitored or controlled. The Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0 creates a centralized point of control for enterprises to achieve exceptional security, streamline updates, enhance maintenance, and ensure compliance with regulations and security best practices across all types of privileged accounts.

Core to the Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0 is Cyber-Ark’s patented Digital Vault® technology that provides the underlying security capabilities for authentication, encryption, tamper-proof audit and data protection. The Suite easily integrates with existing enterprise systems and can protect and manage hundreds of thousands of passwords across highly heterogeneous environments. The simple, easy-to-deploy web-based interface supports rapid user adoption and presents a consistent, consolidated view of privileged accounts and sessions. Additional features and functionality include:

  • New Out-of-the-Box SAP Plug-In: The new plug-in for SAP Application Server supports automatic management including change, verification and reconciliation of select SAP accounts. As awareness of the power of privileged users moves up the stack to the application layer, Cyber-Ark can now protect access to key business suites the way it does for other assets like servers, routers and databases.
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM) Support: The Privileged Identity Management Suite integrates with HSM tools and provides a new means for protecting its encryption keys within a secure device. With this integration, instead of having to store keys on a CD, organizations can now store keys as non-exportable.
  • Enterprise Integration – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): The Privileged Identity Management Suite easily integrates with SIEM tools to create a complete audit picture of privileged account activities. Anything that happens in the Digital Vault can be sent as audit logs to the SIEM tool.

Pricing and Availability
The Cyber-Ark Privileged Identity Management Suite v5.0 is available now. The Enterprise Password Vault, Application Identity Manager and Privileged Session Manager are off-the-shelf solutions that can be purchased separately, or together as the full Suite. For more information about pricing, please contact [email protected] or call +1 (888) 808-9005 (domestic U.S.) or +1 (617) 965-1544 (international).