CyberArk Launches C³ Alliance with Global Technology Partners

April 27, 2016

New Program Brings Together Enterprise Software, IT Security and Services Providers to Build on the Power of Privileged Account Security to Better Protect Customers from Cyber Threats

Newton, Mass. and Petach-Tikva, Israel – April 27, 2016 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the company that protects organizations from cyber attacks that have made their way inside the network perimeter, today announced the launch of the C3 Alliance. Together with CyberArk, C3 Alliance members have committed to incorporate privileged account security best practices into their own offerings, and can leverage CyberArk privileged account data to deliver more valuable insight and threat response to customers. Inaugural members include BMC Software, Duo Security, FireEye, ForeScout, Intel Security, LogRhythm, Qualys, Rapid7, SailPoint, SecureAuth, Symantec, Tenable Network Security, Tripwire and Varonis.

“Privileged account security has become increasingly critical, since compromised privileged account credentials are a common denominator of many modern attacks,” said Garrett Bekker, senior security analyst at 451 Research. “With certified integrations between CyberArk and alliance members’ products, the C3 Alliance should make it easier for customers to extend the power of privileged account security across their organization and enhance their overall security posture.”

C3 Alliance members represent enterprise software, infrastructure and security solutions, including security information and event management (SIEM), identity and access governance, asset and vulnerability discovery, security management and authentication services that benefit from tighter integration with CyberArk for securing privileged accounts and using privileged data to detect and respond to threats.

“CyberArk is the leader in privileged account security and is pleased to work with a strong and growing ecosystem of partners that understand the importance of protecting and monitoring privileged accounts in the enterprise,” said Adam Bosnian, executive vice president, global business development, CyberArk. “The C3 Alliance brings together key enterprise and security software companies to deliver integrated, tested solutions to better protect our shared customers.”

C3 Alliance members typically integrate with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to deliver value to customers in the areas of proactive protection, detection and response:

  • Proactive Protection – Through certified CyberArk integrations with hardware and software applications, including vulnerability and compliance management solutions, DevOps tools and discovery and orchestration software, customers benefit from knowing that the privileged accounts used to access their systems, as well as the general targets and critical applications accessed, are better secured and monitored.
  • Faster Detection – Identity and access governance, SIEM and security analytics platforms benefit from access to detailed privileged activity data and targeted analytics, as well as bi-directional communication to deliver improved, centralized, enterprise-wide monitoring and identification of critical security threats. Privileged activity data includes information such as who has access to what systems, why, and when certain actions were taken.
  • Intelligent Response – Analytics and response-focused members leverage privileged account activity information to help customers identify and respond to high-risk attacker activity in real time and carry out deeper forensics analysis and remediation activities.

Supporting C3 Alliance Member Quotes
“Our recent M-Trends report identified privileged account harvesting and abuse as the single most consistent attack vector witnessed during our engagements last year,” said Ed Barry, vice president, Cyber Security Coalition at FireEye. “We’re pleased to be part of the CyberArk-led C3 Alliance and through tight integration of our respective solutions we enable our customers to respond much more quickly to these sophisticated attacks.”

“The C3 Alliance fills a critical gap in the market by bringing vendors together to address privileged account vulnerabilities across the enterprise,” said Pedro Abreu, chief strategy officer, ForeScout. “ForeScout’s CounterACT requires administrative credentials for all of our customers’ network endpoints, servers, systems and devices. With the CyberArk integration, we can securely store and manage these credentials, ensuring our customers’ most privileged user accounts have around-the-clock protection.”

“As an inaugural partner in the C3 Alliance, SailPoint is embracing CyberArk’s initiative to apply strong, policy-based controls to privileged credentials throughout the enterprise,” said Joe Gottlieb, senior vice president of corporate development for SailPoint. “The integration of SailPoint IdentityIQ and the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution gives our customers a unified view and centralized control of all identities, all accounts and all privileges, enabling them to better assess risks and streamline operations.”

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