CyberArk’s New Privileged Identity Management Suite Delivers Complete Security and Audit Control for Organizations’ Most Powerful Users

April 27, 2010

LONDON – Infosecurity Europe (booth #E100) – April 27, 2010 – Cyber-Ark® Software, the leading global software provider for protecting critical applications, identities and information, today announced availability of its Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite version 6. With the addition of the new On-Demand Privileges Manager™ product as part of the integrated Cyber-Ark Suite, global organizations benefit from the most advanced, proven solution for uniformly managing security policies, compliance, reporting and administration for all privileged users and accounts from a common user interface. Cyber-Ark will demonstrate key features and benefits of its sixth generation solution at Infosecurity Europe (booth #E100), taking place April 27-29, 2010 in London.

Cyber-Ark’s new On-Demand Privileges Manager enables organizations to implement an effective “least privilege” policy and reduce existing insider threat vulnerabilities by provisioning superusers’ rights on an as-needed basis, at the individual command level. By granularly delegating access to superuser privileges, such as those used by Unix/Linux administrators and root users, organizations can manage and secure privileged access and individual command execution. In addition, the On-Demand Privileges Manager records this detailed command level activity in order to better track session activity for security, auditing and forensic purposes.

The On-Demand Privileges Manager also allows for the replacement of siloed, commonly used SUDO solutions that lack the manageability, advanced reporting and security capabilities necessary to meet enterprise audit and compliance requirements. Cyber-Ark’s PIM Suite v6, with the new On-Demand Privileges Manager, empowers IT by providing a single access point and easy-to-use web interface for complete visibility and control of superusers and privileged accounts across the enterprise.

A Future-Ready Solution: Holistic Security Management, Auto-Discovery Benefits
Cyber-Ark’s PIM Suite is a full life cycle solution for centrally managing an organization’s privileged accounts, users and sessions as well as embedded passwords found in applications and scripts. The Suite is an enterprise-class, unified policy-based solution that secures, manages and monitors all privileged accounts, users and activities associated with datacenter management whether on-premise, at a hosting provider or in the cloud.

With its new, sixth generation Suite, Cyber-Ark delivers an advanced auto-discovery solution for automating the detection process of all forms of privileged accounts, including the service accounts commonly associated with Windows Services found on Windows servers, workstations and desktops, as well as Scheduled Tasks, COM+ objects and IIS application pools. Cyber-Ark proactively adds in these “discovered” accounts, as well as any new devices and systems as they are commissioned, and delivers valuable audit information about which of these privileged accounts are actively being managed by the PIM solution, or are currently “un-managed” and therefore non-compliant.

Organizations using this PIM Suite also benefit from a new and improved, customizable central reporting engine that supports the delivery of scheduled reports, based on policy. By providing a seamlessly integrated Suite of solutions for the holistic privileged challenge, Cyber-Ark enables organizations to manage and audit their privileged users, accounts and sessions from a single solution.

Ultimately, this new Suite delivers a reduced total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for companies to invest in two separate solutions – one for superusers and one for shared accounts. With a single solution and common user interface across all products in the Suite, organizations benefit from ease-of-implementation, ease-of-adoption and inherent ease-of-use capabilities.

On-Demand Privileges Manager for 360-Degree Visibility and Control
Cyber-Ark’s On-Demand Privileges Manager combines superior security technology with advanced monitoring and reporting tools for managing superusers and privileged accounts for 360-degree visibility and control across the enterprise. Key benefits include:

  • Elimination of Insider Threats Through Granular Access Control: By delegating root and other superuser permissions in order to execute specific commands on-demand, organizations can better protect their most sensitive IT assets by granting superusers only the permissions to the specific commands they are entitled to run, therefore reducing the risk of exposure to abuse or error.
  • Compliance Through Personalized Auditing and Recording: Being able to link a root account and activity with a personal user name is a central requirement for effective auditing. On-Demand Privileges Manager ensures every user is accountable for his own actions; privileged session text recording makes certain that all commands and their output are recorded and securely stored in Cyber-Ark’s Digital Vault.
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency: Granular access control and activity recording capabilities enable organizations to significantly reduce the possibility for human error, increase uptime and manageability of critical systems, and solve operational complexities associated with systems that can be accessed by multiple administrators.

“With the release of our On-Demand Privileges Manager as an integrated component of our new Privileged Identity Management Suite, Cyber-Ark is solving some of the most significant privilege-related challenges facing companies today, while empowering IT organizations with innovative technology to combat the security, operational and compliance risks associated with all superuser and privileged accounts,” said Udi Mokady, CEO, Cyber-Ark Software. “As the definition of privilege continues to expand and impact new business and audit requirements, our single Suite of targeted solutions is designed to give customers full control, security and manageability over all privileged activities now, and into the future.”