Idaptive Announces Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for Endpoint Login and Enhanced Support for Passwordless Authentication

February 20, 2020

Idaptive Next-Gen Access enables greater flexibility for IT teams and provides secure and frictionless access controls.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. –– FEBRUARY 20, 2020 –– Idaptive, the leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions, today announced a major update to its Next-Gen Access (NGA) platform that adds endpoint security and passwordless capabilities. The update is designed to help organizations with a distributed workforce simplify the onboarding of remote workers and ensure that endpoint devices that do not connect to corporate networks are secured.

Previously, the process of providing Windows and Mac devices to remote workers was challenging. The devices had to be set up prior to being shipped and, once received, remote users had to establish a direct connection to the corporate network via VPN to complete the enrollment process. With this release, the enrollment process is drastically simplified. Once the new Idaptive Mac or Windows Agent is deployed on the device, users can immediately log in with their IT-provided credentials and complete the enrollment process without being connected to a VPN or corporate network.

User login for both Windows and Mac endpoints can now also be protected with Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). By utilizing Adaptive MFA, companies can require remote and local users to pass additional authentication challenges during the process of logging into their devices. Adaptive MFA adds an extra layer of protection before access to endpoints is granted – leveraging device, network, and user behavior context, Idaptive intelligently assigns risk to each login request, allowing organizations to create dynamic access policies that are triggered when anomalous behavior is detected.

The Idaptive NGA platform now also supports Fast Identity Online (FIDO2) authenticators that secure and simplify access to the Idaptive User and Admin Portals on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers. FIDO2 WebAuthN standards enable users to authenticate to online services using on-device authentication mechanisms, such as Windows Hello, Mac OS TouchID, Yubico YubiKeys. For example, with FIDO2 support enabled, end-users can authenticate to the Idaptive Portal without a password, simply by touching a fingerprint reader built-in to their laptop.

These features enable greater flexibility for IT teams and HR departments and ensure that end-user experience is secure and frictionless.

“Our customers are on a perpetual journey, continually evolving the technologies, systems, and environments that facilitate their business, and when it comes to identity and access management, we want to make this journey as easy and secure as possible,” said Idaptive Chief Product Officer, Archit Lohokare. “These new enhancements do just that: they simplify and automate the on-boarding process, while reducing end-user friction through passwordless authentication, end-user self-service capabilities, and more. Ultimately, we’re committed to ensuring that IAM is a business enabler, not another complex system for IT, HR, and security teams to navigate on the path to Zero Trust security.”
Idaptive has been recognized for its rigorous security and ease-of-use by industry analysts and users alike since it spun out as an independent company from Centrify over a year ago. Idaptive will continue to roll out industry-first products, tools, and updates throughout 2020, powered by machine learning and aimed at improving security and simplicity.

Learn more about these features and all of the other new features in Idaptive’s blog posts, “Idaptive Release 19.6 is Now Available” and “Introducing the New Idaptive Windows Cloud Agent”.


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