Authentication & authorization

Build secure login and single sign-on experience for your apps.

Authentication and Authorization

Secure, frictionless access

Let your developers focus on building great apps – leave access management to us.

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Frictionless experience

Embed CyberArk login and SSO capabilities into your apps and websites using REST APIs.

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Secure access

Enable customers to authenticate with social login, username and password or federated credentials.

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Centralized management

Granularly control what users have access to using attribute-based policies.

Smarter user authentication and authorization

Reduce risks and headaches.

  • Embed authentication and authorization into your apps using open standards and APIs
  • Simplify user registration with Social Login and Passwordless capabilities
  • Leverage flexible, context-aware policies to reduce risk of malicious access

API-first platform

API support from Single Sign-On to Policy Management and anything in between.

Single Sign-On

Easily integrate SAML and OIDC single sign-on capabilities into your application or website.

ingle Sign-On (SSO)

Social login

Enable customers to use their existing social media credentials such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to access your apps.

Social Login

Adaptive controls

Leverage user-specific contextual attributes and risk scores to dynamically trigger appropriate access policies.

Adaptive Controls

OAuth 2.0 support

Allow your applications to access online resources using OAuth 2.0 compliant flows.

OAuth 2.0 Support

Centralized monitoring

Capture access events and isolate specific incidents for investigation across all of your applications and websites.

Centralized Monitoring

Secure access with adaptive Single Sign-On

A secure and frictionless sign-in experience for both internal and external users that adjusts based on risk.

Social Credentials

Identity security that knows you but doesn’t slow you

Explore all the ways CyberArk gives you peace of mind to move fearlessly forward.

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Embed sign-on and single sign-on into your apps

Design tailor-made end-user experiences

Control what your users can access and how

Centrally monitor access across your websites and apps