Like many companies, CyberArk uses various affiliated and third-party sub-processors to assist in providing services to our customers. For more information, please refer to CyberArk’s Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum. CyberArk’s current sub-processors are listed on this page and these entities may process personal data in order to provide the specific CyberArk services described below:

Vendor Description of Processing Location CyberArk Services
Salesforce Storage / processing / tracking of support tickets and support cases United States CyberArk Technical Support
Microsoft Storage/processing of support tickets submitted via email Europe CyberArk Technical Support
CSS Corp Handling of Level 1 Support and Level 2 Support Costa Rica, India, Colombia CyberArk Technical Support
AnswerConnect Call answering service for technical support United States CyberArk Technical Support
Coveo Search and indexing related to support tickets United States CyberArk Technical Support
Clango Handling of Level 1 and Level 2 support United States CyberArk Technical Support
Amazon Web Services Hosting provider.

AWS Pinpoint for provision of  one-time codes via SMS & telephone for CyberArk Identity™

United States, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, India All CyberArk services
IBM SoftLayer Email delivery service United States CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager™ (SaaS)
Twilio Provision of one-time codes via SMS & telephone United States CyberArk Remote Access™
CyberArk Identity
SendGrid Account management via email, such as provision of one-time codes via email, password expiry emails, new tenant creation email United States CyberArk Identity
Datadog Monitoring and observability platform used for troubleshooting and improving our products’ performance United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany All CyberArk services
OwnBackup Inc Backup storage services United States All CyberArk services
Google Firebase Cloud Messaging in order to send push notifications United States CyberArk Identity
Cloudflare Content Distribution Network (CDN), managing and protecting CyberArk services from DDoS with Web App Firewall (WAF) United States CyberArk Endpoint, Privilege Manager TM (SaaS) and CyberArk Privilege Cloud
PagerDuty Escalation of support tickets and support cases for troubleshooting and improving customer experience United States CyberArk Technical Support.

In addition to the sub-processors listed above, the following entities are affiliated entities of CyberArk, and may also function as sub-processors:

Affiliate Location
CyberArk Software (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Australia
CyberArk Software Canada Inc. Canada
CyberArk Software (DACH) GmbH Germany
CyberArk Software (France) SARL France
CyberArk Software (India) Private Limited India
CyberArk Software Ltd. Israel
CyberArk Software Italy S.r.l. Italy
CyberArk Software (Japan) K.K. Japan
CyberArk Software (Netherlands) B.V. Netherlands
CyberArk Software (Singapore) PTE. LTD. Singapore
CyberArk Software (Spain), S.L. Spain
Cyber-Ark Software (UK) Limited United Kingdom
CyberArk Software, Inc. United States
CyberArk USA Engineering GP, LLC United States
CyberArk Software USA, LP United States

Last Updated: March 10, 2022


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