2024 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report

93% of organizations faced two or more identity-related breaches in the past year.

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Privileged Access: it’s not just for humans

Machine identities are over-privileged, under-secured — and driving exponential identity growth and risk in 2024.

The countless third and fourth-party providers that businesses rely on are becoming a favored attack method. It’s time to reconsider how and where you safeguard data.


define a privileged user as human identities only

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expect a negative impact on cybersecurity due to AI

Integration between Endpoint Privilege Manager and CyberArk Identity adaptive MFA helps strengthen endpoint security posture


expected growth in SaaS applications

threat landscape

Machine identities: a new frontier for cybersecurity threats

Data and insights on cybersecurity trends from a global survey of 2,400 cybersecurity professionals. See what’s driving the rise of identity security.

What to know: threat landscape 2024

Ongoing AI transformation and pervasive cloud computing is increasing the risk of identity-related attacks. Organizations must adopt a new strategy centered on identity security.

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Maximize risk reduction

Manage and secure all identities

Adopt a Zero Trust approach