Hand your auditors a ‘single version of the truth’ that is reliable and accurate.

With the proliferation of privileged accounts across the enterprise combined with often unrestricted, anonymous access to these accounts, auditors are struggling to produce accurate, reliable reports to show what is going on inside the enterprise. They require the “who, when and why” around privileged account access and activity.

CyberArk’s solutions provide the most powerful, accurate and trustworthy IT compliance reporting to address the needs of auditors and others focused on risk management. The solution provides:

  • Comprehensive and integrated reporting around privileged account and activities which answers the most significant questions necessary to pass an audit.
  • Detailed reports on where privileged accounts exist to ensure none go unmissed when approaching an audit.
  • Managerial insight into the compliance status of privileged accounts.
  • Tamper-proof storage of audit records.
  • Significant time saved conducting audits with recordings of privileged sessions, as opposed to sifting through an exhaustive list of logs for context based information.

CyberArk has been instrumental in CDW maintaining and sustaining compliance.

Jason Owens

Manager IT Governance & Information Security