Cyber espionage, fraud and malicious insiders. All of these represent real threats to the data at the heart of your business. Intellectual property, financial data, customer information. It’s what drives your business, and the value of your business. And people are trying to steal it. Organizations are taking proactive steps to protect this data, and in the process, protect their core business, and any comprehensive protection plan must include privileged account controls and monitoring. Think about it this way. If you’ve done everything else right, you’ve blocked all of the other routes into your data. The only way in for an attacker is through privileged accounts. Don’t let shared system administrator accounts, service accounts, application IDs and more, become an express lane to your critical assets. CyberArk’s comprehensive solution for privileged account security is purpose-built to protect against both insider and external threats, providing complete protection, accountability and intelligence on privileged account usage. It is a complimentary, must have component of your overall high-risk asset protection strategy.

Key Benefits:

  • Proactively protect privileged accounts, ensuring only authorized users can access these “all powerful” accounts.
  • Monitor and record privileged sessions in real-time to improve audit and forensic analysis.
  • Establish strict accountability for detailed privileged activity.
  • Gain rich, privileged account intelligence to enable real-time monitoring, alerting and response to suspicious activity, including session termination.
  • Isolate target assets from malware.