Send and receive files straight from your native email environment without limitations on attachment size

As enterprises share critical files and information within and beyond their corporate walls, the vulnerability of email to attack or human error means information can easily be compromised with devastating consequences, damaging reputation, impacting the bottom line and violating the privacy of the individuals whose data may have been exposed.

CyberArk’s Secure Email Manager creates an intuitive, simple and secure method for transferring files straight from an enterprise’s native email environment for immediate exchange of information without any limitations on attachment file size. The need for secure files transfer has never been greater.

Key Benefits:

  • All files remain secure and encrypted bothin transit and at rest.
  • Secure the email message as well as the attachment.
  • Receive and review documents securely on a smartphone endpoint.
  • Enforce that only the intended recipients can download the files.
  • Restrict access to files based on segregation of duties so that even IT and system administrators can view the content.
  • Enable recipients to respond securely to your original message using a web-based interface without the need to purchase licenses or install agents.
  • Full visibility over sensitive files – track file activities and receive notifications upon file downloads.