April 3, 2024

EP 49 – Secure Browsing and Session-Based Threats

In this episode of Trust Issues, David welcomes back Shay Nahari, VP of CyberArk Red Team Services, to discuss the topic of secure browsing and session-based threats. They delve into the dangers of cookie theft, the expanding attack surface, and the importance of identity security. Shay explains how cookies sit post-authentication and how attackers can bypass the entire authentication process by stealing them. He also discusses how browsers have been designed for consumers, not for the enterprise, and how this creates a fundamental problem in the way we treat and design identities around the usage of browsers… until now. Shay introduces CyberArk Secure Browser, which eliminates cookies from the disk completely and provides an end-to-end control of the flow of identity. The conversation also touches on the expanding attack surface, new identities, and how organizations can protect themselves from session-based attacks. Shay emphasizes the importance of least privilege, monitoring, and an assume breach mindset.