Cyber-Ark Provides Continuous Data Center Protection from Cyber Attacks with Privileged Session Monitoring Capabilities

February 14, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO — RSA Conference 2011 — booth #2045 — February 14, 2011 — With cyber threats becoming more targeted and sophisticated, organizations’ fears about loss of control and lack of security in their data centers are amplified. This is further reinforced with the increasing dependency on virtual environments, whether on premise or at Cloud Service Providers, where the magnitude of risk increases dramatically by a single privileged access. To offer continuous protection against internal and external threats in the data center, Cyber-Ark® Software today announced details of its new Privileged Session Management Suite. This comprehensive solution improves compliance and risk management with the unique ability to isolate, control and record privileged access to databases, virtual environments and servers using a common platform for reduced total cost of ownership.

A Complete Data Center Solution for Isolating and Controlling Security Threats
Cyber-Ark’s easy-to-deploy Privileged Session Management Suite provides a central point of control for protecting target systems, databases and virtual environments accessed by privileged users and accounts. With pre-defined policies and workflows, users can view session recordings or monitor sensitive events across the entire data center using one web interface or dashboard view, and generate a unified report for audit and compliance purposes.

Leveraging Cyber-Ark’s innovative approach for centralizing, controlling and monitoring privileged access and operations, primary benefits include the ability to:

  • Isolate and protect against cyber attacks — By safeguarding and isolating critical assets and knowing what happened in any privileged session, organizations can avoid damage caused by human error, minimize insider threats and prevent targeted external attacks. Furthermore, this isolation prevents infecting sensitive target machines accessed from a malware-infected desktop.
  • Deliver continuous monitoring and compliance — To meet audit and compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, SOX, NERC, HIPAA, Basel II and more, auditors require proof that privileged access to sensitive systems is being controlled. Cyber-Ark provides the ability to enforce strong authentication, access controls and approval workflows while generating detailed activity reports across all target systems, databases and virtual servers.
  • Deploy rapidly with no risk to business applications and processes — Compared to database activity monitoring (DAM) solutions, the Privileged Session Management Suite does not require risky changes to network topology or production servers and applications. This advanced “zero-footprint” approach to monitoring sensitive systems focuses on privileged access and activities, with no need for lengthy application performance tests or impact analysis, thus driving dramatically faster deployment and time-to-value.

“Privileged accounts are commonly the target of attack due to the system-wide access they enable,” said Roy Adar, vice president of product management, Cyber-Ark Software. “Organizations must isolate and protect their sensitive servers, databases and hypervisors and be able to control and record ‘who’ and ‘what’ are accessing these business-critical systems. Complementing Cyber-Ark’s market-leading Privileged Identity Management Suite, the Privileged Session Management Suite introduces innovative risk management and compliance capabilities that enable continuous protection against internal and external threats, providing invaluable benefits to an organization’s overall security posture.”

Additional Suite Details and Availability
Available now, the Privileged Session Management Suite includes Privileged Session Manager® for Servers, Privileged Session Manager® for Databases and Privileged Session Manager® for Virtualization. It complements Cyber-Ark’s market-leading Privileged Identity Management Suite, an enterprise-class, unified policy-based solution that secures, manages and enforces policies and workflows for all privileged and shared accounts in data centers, whether on premise or in the cloud. For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 1-888-808-9005 or +1 (617) 965-1544.