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Blurred lines: The intersection of Identity and Privilege.

January 10, 2022

As a security professional, you need to keep pace with ever-evolving methods of attack that can derail your company’s operations and digital transformation initiatives. While there are many ways cybercriminals employ to gain access to restricted resources, Identity-related attacks continue to be the hacker's favorite technique. Even a single set of weak or compromised credentials can provide attackers an easy and stealthy way to gain access, elevate their privileges, and advance security breaches undetected. That’s why the lines between managing Privilege and Identity are blurring and Identity is becoming the new battleground.

These changes call for a unique security-first approach that we call Identity Security. Identity Security recognizes that the nature of privilege is rapidly changing and expanding in a world where the number, the types, and the interrelationships of identities are exploding. This dynamic is creating new dimensions to the threat landscape that, if improperly secured, can provide an attack path to an organization's most valuable assets.

Join David Higgins on-demand to explore these trends and strategies for enabling new work models while defending against unrelenting attacks.

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