Upcoming CyberArk Identity User Interface Enhancements

June 5, 2023 Sonal Pokale

CyberArk Identity UI Enhancements

We are excited to announce the upcoming refresh of the CyberArk Identity user interface (UI). CyberArk Identity End User Portal UI enhancements will be available as a preview in June 2023 release and generally available in July 2023. CyberArk is committed to ensuring every customer and user has a great experience using our Identity Security platform. With these new updates, you can maximize user productivity, enjoy new customization features and better organize your web applications and secured items. 

New CyberArk SSO Application Tiles

SSO Application

Your application tiles have been revamped to include the following labels and icons:

  • New. Green label appears when an application or secured item has recently been added to your User Portal dashboard. 
  • Shield. Purple icon signifies that CyberArk Secure Web Sessions protect the application. 
  • People. Grey icon identifies a shared access application or item. 
  • Exclamation Mark. Red icon indicates an error with the application setup. Applications with errors are greyed out and not accessible by end-users. 

New User Portal Design for CyberArk Workforce Password Management Users

New User Portal Design for WPM

CyberArk has redesigned the user portal dashboard for CyberArk Workforce Password Management users, enabling you to access and view your protected items in multiple ways. For example, you can choose to: 

  • View “All Items” in a single tab – these include applications, secured notes and passwords
  • View only “Applications” in a single tab 
  • View only “Secured Items” in a single tab

Custom Folders

New User Portal Design for WPM

End users can now create custom folders to better organize applications and secured items they frequently use. Users can simply create a new folder and drag and drop the applications and secret items they want to add. Once the folder is ready, users can share it with other users, roles and groups. Please note that this feature will be available in July 2023. 

Group Applications and Items

Group Applications and Items

To help you access applications easily and quickly, you can now group applications based on their type, tag or none. This allows you to conveniently organize and view your applications and secured items while quickly finding the right one. 

New Ways to Organize and Find Your Applications and Items

New Ways to Organize and Find Your Applications and Items

You can now rearrange your application and secured item tiles by dragging and dropping them based on where you want to place them within your user portal dashboard. You can now also view the total number of applications and secured items and click “Show next” to view more. 

Option to Return to Legacy UI

We know it takes time to adapt to UI changes, so you now have the option to switch back to the legacy UI for the short term. Please note that all end users will be able to alternate between the legacy and the new UI until October 2023. At that time all users will automatically transition to the new UI. 

All of these enhancements will be available in the CyberArk Identity 23.6 product release, scheduled for the beginning of June 2023. Existing and new customers will land in the new user interface by default upon logging in after the product update. 
As always, we’re eager to hear what you think. If you have feedback on these enhancements or ideas for additional enhancements you’d like to see, please submit them on the CyberArk Technical Community page. 

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