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Secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts and their usage across the smart grid infrastructure

Smart grid deployment is growing fast with the creation of efficient, sustainable and reliable energy production and distribution environments. This is causing more and sophisticated cyber-attacks to be aimed at energy utilities. Securing smart grid infrastructure is critical for securing a reliable supply of energy in the future.

The European Network and Information Security (ENISA) issued the “Appropriate security measures for smart grids” report. This report provides a framework for smart grid stakeholders to align and provide a minimum level of security and resilience for smart grid deployments across Europe.

CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution addresses many aspects of ENISA’s recommendations including:

  • Management of third parties
  • Audit and accountability
  • Information systems security
  • Network security

CyberArk’s solutions put the controls in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts and their usage across the smart grid infrastructure, including complete activity monitoring of privileged users.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure accountability for every user of privileged or shared accounts
  • Secure remote access for external contractors with “over the shoulder” real-time monitoring
  • Secure privileged credentials and sessions in a tamper-proof and patented Digital Vault
  • Centrally enforce enterprise-wide policies and access workflows which are flexible enough to meet diverse business processes
  • Audit and track every privileged account and activity with built-in or customized reports
  • Enable privileged session establishment without exposing the sensitive credentials
  • Monitor every privileged session for context-based playback