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Meet requirements reliably, effectively and easily

With the proliferation of privileged accounts across the enterprise, combined with often unrestricted, anonymous access to these accounts, auditors struggle to produce accurate, reliable reports to understand what is happening inside the enterprise. Auditors need to ensure that controls are in place inside the network by proving:

  • Who is accessing privileged accounts
  • When individuals are requiring privileged access, and
  • What are the actions they are performing with these critical accounts

Organizations often seek privileged password management solutions in order to enforce controls around privileged credential use such as user activity monitoring, session recording and ensuring individual accountably with privileged access.

CyberArk’s solution provides the most powerful, accurate and trustworthy privileged account security platform and reporting tools to address IT audit and compliance requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Confidently address IT audit requirements with automated enforcement of privileged account policies (e.g. frequency of privileged credential rotation, password complexity)
  • Provide comprehensive and integrated reports on privileged accounts and privileged session activities to address questions necessary to pass an IT audit
  • Prevent unauthorized access, modification, or deletion of logs with tamper-proof storage of audit records
  • Reduce time spent conducting IT audits with searchable detailed session audit logs
  • Simplify IT audit reporting with a cost-effective, centralized management platform