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Enforce the Internal Controls and Reporting Requirements Necessary to Meet SOX Compliance.

Companies subject to the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act face unprecedented challenges to compliance. Although Sarbanes Oxley compliance involves more than implementing technology, CyberArk’s privileged account protection, accountability and intelligence solutions are proven to provide the proof and controls required by section 404 and supported by internal assessment frameworks, such as COSO and COBIT.

To ensure the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reports, companies must examine for and control against fraud, material weaknesses and internal control deficiencies within the information lifecycle of Sarbanes Oxley related information. This type of information is typically at risk due to the fact that a multitude of employees within the organization have privileged access to the systems storing this data. Beyond the insiders that have access, cyber attackers are going after these privileged credentials to access critical business systems and exfiltrate data.

CyberArk solutions enforce the internal controls and reporting requirements necessary to meet SOX compliance, going beyond simply complying with the rules to implementing an inside-out security approach that becomes part of the enterprise’s DNA for protecting business critical information.


  • Enforce strict and granular access controls and workflows based on segregation of duties
  • Provide accountability and a tamper-proof detailed audit trail for SOX reporting on privileged activity
  • Monitor and record privileged activity for real-time alerting or forensic analysis
  • Multi-layered secure repository to protect data in transit and at rest