User activity monitoring combined with comprehensive privileged session recording can help organizations rapidly detect and respond to the most critical security incidents inside the network. These key capabilities allow security teams to track user activity in real-time, enabling teams to detect suspicious or malicious privileged actions as they occur. When paired with complete session recording capabilities, including keystroke and audit logging, incident responders can review exactly what happened to determine how an incident started, who facilitated it, and what, if any, damage was done.

CyberArk Privileged Session Manager provides security teams with the precise tools needed to quickly identify and respond to threats. Built-in user activity monitoring combined with integrations with the leading SIEM solutions enable security teams to receive real-time alerts on suspicious activity. Fully searchable detailed audit and session recording data enables security teams to locate the exact moment a suspicious activity occurred and gain a clear understanding of the scope and severity of the incident.

With CyberArk Privileged Session Manager, security teams can gain the comprehensive session monitoring and recording capabilities needed to detect and remediate threats before it’s too late.

  • User activity monitoring enables security teams to see what’s happening in real-time and rapidly respond to threats.
  • Session recording provides security and teams with a comprehensive log of who did what when.
  • Tamper-proof storage of session audit logs prevents malicious users from editing or deleting their history.
  • Integration with SIEM solutions enable security teams to receive alerts in real-time from a centralized console.
  • Support for most target systems means that organizations can monitor and record privileged sessions on most all systems, including Windows, Unix/Linux, databases, network devices, cloud infrastructure and more.
  • Real-time awareness of exactly who is doing what helps organizations quickly locate the suspicious use of privileged accounts.
  • Centralized, comprehensive audit logs and session recordings help accelerate incident investigation and audit times.
  • Secure storage of user activity history means that security and audit teams need not look elsewhere to verify exactly what happened.
  • Integrations with complementary security solutions enable organizations to streamline alerting and maximize the value of their investments.