Control and secure privileged accounts & sessions across the grid.

The worldwide deployment of Smart Grids is a transformation in the way that energy utilities supply power across the electric grid, using a much more intelligent grid with two way communications to the smart meter. This new technology introduces new security threats that must be addressed to ensure a safe and secure energy system. Protecting privileged accounts is critical to ensure this security.

The new privileged accounts that need to be managed are found in the smart meters themselves, in the communication devices (Cellular or PLC- Power Line Communications) that connect the smart meters to the utilities and on the applications, servers and other communications and security appliances that are used at the control centers that manage and control the smart grid.

The huge number of devices that are deployed in large scale smart grid deployments can easily reach millions. Managing a unique password for each and every privileged account on each device is a huge task which many utilities tend to neglect and use the same password on all devices resulting in a compromise of a single device that could compromise the entire grid.

CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security Solution provides a single solution that enables energy utilities to automatically manage and secure privileged accounts and sessions across the smart grid that does not create a tradeoff between operational efficiency and security.