Control & monitor “who” can initiate and “what” can be done in privileged sessions

Privileged access to corporate resources exposes many enterprise security risks, including control over “who” is entitled to access sensitive devices; “who” within and outside an organization can initiate privileged sessions, as well as “what” is being done during those sessions. Enterprises need real-time visibility into privileged activity and recorded evidence to audit all activities performed during these privileged sessions and protect the gathered audit information from unwanted access, modification or deletion.

The CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution allows enterprises to isolate, control and monitor privileged access to all enterprise assets including servers, network devices, databases, web applications and virtual machines.

CyberArk’s solution requires minimal user behavior changes and no changes to the network architecture or existing IT infrastructure, making deployment quick and easy. With no need to install agents on what is being monitored, system performance is not impacted either.

Key Benefits:

  • Protect all target systems in your datacenter with an integrated solution for privileged account management and session monitoring for ease of administration, management and audit.
  • Prevent cyber-attacks by isolating desktops from sensitive target machines.
  • Create accountability and control over local or remote privileged session access using pre-defined enterprise security policies, workflows and privileged single sign on to avoid exposing privileged credentials.
  • Deliver continuous session monitoring and IT compliance with session recording for forensic analysis, change management review and incident response insight.