Privileged Access Security for Dummies: A Practical, How-To Guide

Let’s face it. Protecting an organization from ever-evolving cyber threats is no small feat. Staying ahead of would-be attackers is a job that requires constant vigilance, innovation, collaboration and continual learning.

Savvy security practitioners understand that one of the most important, preventative steps they can take to bolster their cyber security posture is to secure privileged access – including privileged accounts, credentials and secrets. Protecting privilege is a process, and it’s often a key element of an enterprise-wide security program. Perhaps you are wondering if there a guide with actionable – yet easy-to-understand – information about establishing and maintaining a privileged access security program that you could flip open and reference.

Look no further than the new Privileged Access Security for Dummies guide. Brought to you by CyberArk, this guide is meant for an extended team to read – from CISOs to Developers – and not just IT security. Often, cyber security books go into significant technical depth, which is great for highly technical audiences. You should expect this guide to be conversational, with plenty of examples, analogies and elements designed to make this important security topic more approachable. With this quick and easy guide, readers can better understand and articulate the need to prioritize risk reduction associated with privileged-related access.

Inside, you’ll meet a full cast of characters – from Billy the “freelance hacker” who has made a career out of phishing unsuspecting corporate victims, to “Liam the Leak,” an engineer with access to sensitive data, who’s been passed over for a promotion one too many times. Through their stories, you’ll gain tips, technical insights and lessons others have learned – sometimes painfully so.

Download Privileged Access Security for Dummies today to:

  • Discover the many types of privileged access used by humans and non-human automated processes
  • Learn more about data loss, compliance, audit and third-party risks
  • Get tips for establishing a privileged access security program
  • Explore a 10-step approach for securing privileged access across the enterprise

Get smart on privileged access security. Download the free guide today.




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