Peer-to-Peer guidance from industry-leading CISOs

The CISO View is a CyberArk-sponsored industry initiative that explores CISO perspectives on topics related to improving privileged access controls and shares their practical advice on security strategies. Insights and recommendations in the available reports are based upon interviews with Global 1000 CISOs and guest contributors.

NOW AVAILABLE | Rapid Risk Reduction: A 30-Day Sprint to Protect Privileged Credentials

How do you avoid a data breach? Ultimately you need to know what techniques attackers are using and what security controls would stop them. To get this information, CISOs often turn to an unenviable group of experts: organizations that have already been breached.

For this CISO View research report, we drew from the experiences of security professionals and technical experts who have been on the front lines of breach remediation efforts. It provides an inside look at the lessons learned from several high-profile data breaches. This report outlines a proven framework for an intensive sprint of approximately 30 days, to implement a set of key controls around privileged credentials.

PREVIOUSLY RELEASED | The Balancing Act: The CISO View on Improving Privileged Access Controls

This report provides practical guidance for CISOs on improving privileged access controls based on the first-hand knowledge of leading organizations. This first-hand knowledge is invaluable for CISOs and other senior security professionals who are also tackling improvements. The research uncovered a wealth of insights and nuanced recommendations for achieving the balance between enabling and restricting high-levels of access to information assets.


A Panel of Top Information Security Executives from Global 1000 Enterprises

Jim Connelly
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Lockheed Martin

Gary Harbison
Chief Information Security Officer, Monsanto Company

Mike Wilson
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, McKesson

Dawn Cappelli
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Rockwell Automation

Mark Grant
Chief Information Security Officer, CSX

Munawar Valiji
Head of Information Security, News UK

David Bruyea
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, CIBC

Steve Glynn
Chief Information Security Officer, ANZ Banking Group Limited

Chun Meng Tee
Vice President and Head of Information Security, SGX

Rob Bening
Chief Information Security Officer, ING Bank

Dave Estlick
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Starbucks

Kathy Orner
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Carlson Wagonlit Travel


Sharing information on good security practices is more important than ever as organizations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. At CyberArk, we believe if security teams are armed with the leading wisdom of the CISO community, it will help strengthen security strategies and lead to better-protected organizations.

CyberArk has commissioned an independent research firm, Robinson Insight, to facilitate an industry initiative to explore CISO views on topics related to improving privileged access controls. The initiative brings together top CISOs who share their insights into critical issues facing practitioners today. By developing CISO reports, studies and roundtables, the initiative generates valuable peer-to-peer guidance and dialog.


What questions around privileged access controls are most pressing for you today? What issues would you like to see industry-leading CISOs explore?

Through our research, we facilitate practitioner-centered conversations which look at protecting privileged access controls from multiple angles. Although implementing better privileged account security at a small scale can be a relatively straightforward task, a comprehensive program at a large enterprise involves driving many aspects of people, process, and technology.

We invite CISOs and other senior security professionals to suggest topics for upcoming research and/or to nominate CISOs who can share their insights for an upcoming report, by sending an email to [email protected].


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