Securing and Isolating Privileged Access and Integrating with Multi-Factor Authentication in Regulated Environments


In many highly regulated environments, multi-factor authentication and access via secure jump servers are required security controls critical systems. In this session you will learn about the various methods for using CyberArk to address these specific requirements on remote access (e.g. two-factor authentication and monitoring remote usage of accounts) while keeping strong centralized security controls and not slowing down the end user. We cover tips for:

  • Utilization of existing centralized multi-factor (two or more factors) authentication when authenticating users of interactive remote access, even for systems that do not support MFA.
  • Using a transparent jump server as a single point of control for all privileged session activity that cannot be bypassed by even the most skilled users, while ensuring that sessions are properly isolated.
  • Combining the two, and leveraging native access tools for the largest increase in security posture, with the least amount of technical effort and change to user workflows.

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