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Secure Identities with the Power of Modern MFA

November 1, 2023

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), when set up right, can help enterprises better protect identities, mitigate risks and secure access for the entire workforce. 

But increasing attacker innovations have left security leaders scouting for the right controls to get the most out of their existing MFA solutions. 

This eBook features some of the most effective ways to build a threat-resistant MFA layer aimed at reducing identity-related risks with adaptive MFA while kickstarting your passwordless journey. 
 Read the eBook to learn more about: 

  • Combining user behavior analytics with MFA to enable continuous authentication. 
  • How the same controls used to keep attackers at bay can drive employee productivity. 
  • Implementing an authentication assurance level-based - (AAL)-MFA strategy for your organization.
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