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Beyond Theory: Orchestrating Unified Identity Security

July 6, 2022

Digital resources can drive efficiency, but they also open up businesses to greater risk. With more identities gaining privileged access, sensitive business data is more vulnerable than ever. Identity Security has emerged as the first line of defense against cyber attackers, helping to protect organizations’ most valuable assets.

In this analyst report by Enterprise Management Associates, you’ll learn about the best practices for establishing a unified approach to Identity Security for modern businesses, including:
• Defining access policies and permissions to ensure that the right people and groups have access to the right applications and IT services
• Automating Identity Security tasks to ensure consistency and reduce the burden on IT
• Incorporating privileged access controls to secure high-risk applications and IT services and help prevent credential theft
• Reducing friction to authentication to ensure productivity without compromising security
• Implementing adaptive authentication to ensure seamless and secure remote access

Discover how embracing the modern Identity Security framework—grounded in seamless and secure access policies, intelligent privilege controls, and efficient yet flexible automation and orchestration—can help your organization defend against threats, meet audit and compliance, and maximize productivity.

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