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Least Privilege Access and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management

April 8, 2021

As organizations increasingly pursue multi-cloud strategies, they face the challenge of achieving consistent security controls across each cloud platform’s distinct entitlements paradigm. Additionally, the rapid increase in the number and complexity of entitlements organizations must manage as they expand in the cloud lends extra urgency to securing access.

Gartner believes that proper management of privileged access in cloud environments requires following the principle of least privilege.

This on-demand webinar featuring Gartner Analyst Paul Mezzera addresses:

  • Entitlement types and key challenges related to managing cloud entitlements
  • Essential requirements for managing cloud entitlements, from detection to optimization and remediation
  • Best practices for risk reduction and guidance on designing solutions that meet your needs

This webinar will help IT and security leaders better understand the challenges and requirements of managing cloud entitlements while exploring tools and options to address this challenge, including the emerging class of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) solutions.


  • Brandon Traffanstedt, Sr. Director, Global Technology Office, CyberArk 
  • Paul Mezzera, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner

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