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The Definition Of Modern Zero Trust

August 5, 2022

“Zero Trust” gets a lot of headline hype these days … but what does it really mean? Forrester was the first to coin the phrase in 2009 to define network security concepts — but since then, countless vendors have adopted it as a marketing buzzword, resulting in confusion and skepticism. To cut through the noise, Forrester has created this report to provide a clear, concise definition of Zero Trust.

Security teams will find answers to these critical questions:
• What exactly is Zero Trust—and what is it NOT?
• How has Zero Trust evolved over the years?
• What are the key principles of a Zero Trust architecture?
• How does Zero Trust tie into the concept of least privilege access?
• What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Zero Trust — and the realities behind them?

After reading this report, your organization will be ready to start scoping and executing your Zero Trust implementation, aligned with your key business drivers and compliance initiatives. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to deliver the best possible customer and employee experience while securing your systems and data.

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