Introducing CyberArk B2B Identity

April 3, 2023 Sonal Pokale

Introducing CyberArk B2B Identity

The Challenges of Extending Access to SaaS Applications for External Partners, Vendors and Clients

Now more than ever, organizations are looking beyond their internal workforce and prioritizing their business relationships to achieve growth and capitalize on market share. These business relationships can be partners to collaborate with on joint ventures, third-party vendors to outsource work, suppliers to fulfill orders or distributors to deliver goods along the supply chain. 

While it may be essential to your company’s operations to work with users outside your organization’s boundaries, this also exposes your business to risks. These risks include provisioning excessive permissions, extending access to customer data or incorrectly offboarding users. In today’s digitally connected world, you must be prepared to securely share access to your company applications and services while maintaining control over your corporate data or face the risk of security breaches.

CyberArk B2B Identity Extends Secure and Seamless Access to your SaaS Applications 

We are excited to announce that you can now manage your business partners, vendors and clients with our latest access management solution, CyberArk B2B Identity. CyberArk B2B Identity provides access capabilities — including CyberArk Single Sign-On (SSO) and CyberArk Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) — to quickly onboard, authenticate and authorize external users to the applications they need to engage with your business securely and seamlessly.

B2B Identity Access info graphic

This new, standalone SaaS product is built to deliver an additional layer of Identity Security for your extended workforce while providing fast and frictionless access to your SaaS applications. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Sign up and authenticate: Onboard your external users with strong authentication to your web and mobile apps within minutes.
2. Grant secure access to applications: Add an extra layer of protection to applications by integrating apps with single sign-on and validating users with step-up authentication workflows.
3. Federate and delegate administration: Easily and securely scale identity administration to partner administrators. 
4. Develop and integrate identity and access management (IAM): Build your own custom-branded user authentication and management interface using developer toolkits, low-code widgets and mobile software developer kits (SDKs) that integrate into your web, cloud and mobile apps. 

Leveraging these capabilities to manage external user access helps enterprises secure their business and identities while enabling the digital business and driving operational efficiencies. 

CyberArk B2B Identity can address external use cases across several industries including: 

  • Wealth management: Enable access to applications for independent advisors and advisory firms.
  • Insurance: Streamline interactions for brokers and agents with access to business applications.
  • Retail: Allow seamless communication and transparency into logistics for supply chain vendors or distribution partners.
  • Telecommunications: Build applications for sales channels to communicate securely with franchises.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Collaborate with research firms by securely granting access to data and research findings.
  • SaaS vendor: Allow enterprises to white label an IAM engine for their solutions.

To learn more about this new offering, please visit the B2B Identity web page.

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