The CISO’s Guide to Identity- Centered Zero Trust

May 10, 2024

Digital identities are the new security perimeter that enterprises need to defend. According to our 2023 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report , 99% of security leaders expect an identity-related attack in the upcoming year, and 58% predict these attacks will be offshoots of cloud adoption and legacy application migration. The report uncovered a 2.4x growth in human and machine identities, which demands more robust and holistic security approaches.

Security leaders need to understand the nuances of Zero Trust security architectures, and how being identity centered can fortify their organizations like never before. Zero Trust security approaches are bound by a “never trust, always verify” philosophy that presupposes that all users in an IT environment are a potential threat.

Read this joint guide from Deloitte and CyberArk to learn more about how an identity-centered zero trust approach to your security strategy can help:

- Prevent data breaches
- Tighten compliance
- Intercept credential theft & privilege escalation

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