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2024 Playbook: Identity Security and Cloud Compliance

October 11, 2023

Cloud migration and digital transformation have become more commonplace among enterprises, but these initiatives raise new challenges to protect their data, applications and workloads.  This complex world of cloud security calls for organizations to move towards Zero Standing Privileges and implement measures to protect identities and support cloud compliance. 

How can organizations minimize compromised access in the cloud? This whitepaper covers identity security and the challenges and benefits of cloud compliance to reduce security risk. Learn more about: 

  • Regulations and cloud service providers frameworks to enable compliance and governance for cloud security.
  • Best practices to secure identities in the cloud including Zero Standing Privileges adoption and Insight to Action model. 
  • The three phases to achieve cloud identity security success.

Read the whitepaper to see how the CyberArk Identity Security Platform supports cloud compliance. 

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