Fireside chat: Trends Driving an Identity Security Approach

November 21, 2023

New identities, new environments and new attacks methods require a new approach to secure your organization’s most valuable resources. The threat landscape looks dramatically different today, and more than half of CISOs (52%)* feel their board and senior leadership are not completely prepared for the cyber risks they foresee.

Employees and third-party vendors work from anywhere, on multiple devices. Any human and machine identity can be assigned high-risk permissions and become a “privileged user.” Hybrid and cloud environments are massively complex. Threats, from AI-fueled ransomware to complex software supply chain attacks, are constantly growing in sophistication.

Register and watch for insights on:

Cyber debt resulting from exponential investments in digital and cloud initiatives
Workforce trends that intensify insider threats
An identity security approach that delivers measurable cyber risk reduction
Today’s threats require an identity security approach built to protect every identity (human and machine) across every environment. Join us for clarity on threats and perspective on how CyberArk and transformational organizations keep a step ahead of attackers.

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