CyberArk Identity 22.4 Release

August 16, 2023 Laura Balboni

CyberArk Identity 22.4 Release

With release 22.4, CyberArk Workforce Identity supports the following new features.

Workforce Password Management – Edit and Customize App Settings

End users can now edit the logo, name, description and URL fields for apps added through the Land and Catch feature in the User Portal. The Land and Catch feature recognizes when a user enters credentials and offers to add that application to their user portal.  With this release, users can now shorten app names, add custom app icons and update the login URL that the CyberArk Identity Browser Extension automatically captured. This feature provides a better user experience by empowering end users to customize the look and feel of their User Portals. In addition, administrators have the flexibility to control which items can be edited by the users by simply checking a box in the Admin portal.

CyberArk Identity application settings

To learn more about using this new feature, please see Enable users to customize apps added using Land & Catch and Edit application attributes in your User Portal.

Mapping of Mobile Numbers to Custom Attributes

Administrators can now map users' mobile phone numbers to specific attributes to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and better comply with privacy regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Mobile phone numbers are used for SMS-based authentication mechanisms to sign in to CyberArk Identity and protected apps. With this feature, mobile phone numbers can be mapped to custom attributes, which prevents them from being displayed in the company directories by default. For example, you can map the mobile phone number field to an existing AD attribute that is not in use or to a custom CyberArk Cloud Directory attribute.

CyberArk Identity mapping of mobile numbers to custom attributes

To learn more about this enhancement, please see Map mobile phone numbers to specified attributes.

Delegated Admins Can Run Reports Pertaining to Their Organization

With this release, Delegated Administrators can now run built-in reports applicable to their Organization. These reports are automatically filtered by resources available within the Organization to ensure that only relevant information is displayed. For example, if a Delegated Administrator runs the Active Users report, the report will only show active Users within that Organization. CyberArk Identity supports Organizations — a collection of user identities representing a subset of the global user population. Organizations enable you to group users by specific attributes and manage access to enterprise resources in a structured, hierarchical way. For example, you can delegate administration responsibilities for a particular Organization to a specific non-admin user.

CyberArk Identity admin mapping

To learn more about this enhancement, please see Run reports filtered by resources in the Organization.

With release 22.4, CyberArk Customer Identity supports the following new features.

Support for Custom Scopes in OpenID Connect [preview]

CyberArk Customer Identity now provides the ability to create scoped access tokens based on the scopes defined in OpenID connect. Previously, admins would have needed to leverage two different web apps to get the scoped access token and an ID token. This improvement simplifies and streamlines the process for administrators and makes it easier to develop standards-based AuthNZ and manage tokens. Admins can now add custom scopes and scope definitions in the OpenID Connect web app. The access tokens allow users to access CyberArk Identity APIs. These tokens and scopes help ensure users only access resources they need and nothing more.

CyberArk Identity OpenID Connect

For more information on the 22.4 release, please see CyberArk Identity release notes.

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