CyberArk Identity 23.4 Release

August 22, 2023 Sonal Pokale

CyberArk Identity 23.4 Release

With the 23.4 release, CyberArk Identity supports the following new features:

Single Sign-On

Organizational Control of App Permissions

CyberArk Identity allows admins to delegate certain administrative functions to other users with the Delegated Admin feature. With this release, delegated administrators can now manage all permissions and set granular controls for apps within their organization. For example, delegated admins can now get permission to "Grant," "View," "Manage," "Delete" and "Run" apps. This allows global admins to offload all application administrative tasks to delegated admins. For example, a global company could add applications to regional organizations in CyberArk Identity and delegate app administration to regional app managers. Likewise, a company with individual business units could assign specific apps and app administration to the relevant business units.

Granular permissions management for delegated admins.

Learn more about managing organizations with delegated administrators.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Interactive Mode for Email-based OTP Links

Newly invited CyberArk Identity users receive a welcome email with a one-time password (OTP) link that allows them to log in to their user portal for the first time. In some organizations, email scanners check the included OTP link for threats, causing it to become invalid or expired.

With this feature, you can enable an interactive mode where the link within the invitation email allows users to access the user portal without exposing the OTP code. This ensures that new users can successfully log in to their user portal without IT organizations changing email scanner settings or making other changes in the security systems.

User Interaction Mode allows user to click OK to login with email OTP.

Learn more about user interaction for email OTP.

CyberArk Identity Compliance

Built-in Reports Now Available

CyberArk Identity Compliance now offers built-in reports, making demonstrating compliance with industry or legislative requirements easier. These reports provide a comprehensive paper trail of access certification campaigns, decisions taken and other details for any resource, certifier or user. This ensures that you have an easily accessible record of access certification decisions for audit purposes. Previously, you could create audit reports manually, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Now, you can use out-of-the-box reports to rapidly demonstrate compliance with internal controls and industry regulations.

New predefined reports are easy to access.

Learn more about CyberArk Identity Compliance reports.

For more information on the 23.4 release, please see the CyberArk Identity release notes.

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