Technology Alliance with Aquera to Extend CyberArk User Onboarding and Provisioning to Additional Applications

April 15, 2021 Stas Neyman

Although the adoption of cloud applications is rapidly increasing, many organizations are struggling with developing effective processes for managing onboarding and access provisioning requirements at various stages of the employee lifecycle. Even as companies deploy modern HR systems to unify HR and IT workflows, the lack of connectivity between HRIS systems and downstream business applications prevents automation of key processes. As a result, user provisioning, deprovisioning and management of access permissions create IT overhead and leads to productivity loss and security gaps.

To address this issue, CyberArk provides automated user onboarding from 4 popular HR systems and supports policy-based automated provisioning of user accounts to various downstream applications out of the box. For customers with broader provisioning needs, CyberArk is excited to announce a new partnership with Aquera. With Aquera, CyberArk can provide inbound provisioning to over 25 HR applications and outbound provisioning to over 350 applications. The joint solution delivers automated access to applications and IT infrastructure as users move through the joiner, mover and leaver phases of the employee lifecycle. This enables organizations to improve productivity, lower operational costs, and eliminate security gaps.

Automated inbound provisioning from HR apps

The Aquera HR Onboarding Bridge allows you to import users and attributes in near real-time from one or more HR systems to CyberArk Identity Cloud Directory and/or on-premises AD. This enables you to rapidly onboard and offboard candidates, new hires, and existing employees to and from the IT infrastructure all at once or in stages. It also supports the writeback of any attribute from these directories back to the HR applications. The Aquera bridge provides out-of-the-box, simple-to-use yet robust capabilities such as automated attribute mapping, configurable group rules, multi-level user matching, table lookups, and data cleansing inspection to rapidly configure and deploy the solution.

CyberArk Identity natively supports BambooHR, SuccessFactors, UltiPro and Workday to Active Directory and will continue investing in additional native integrations. For HR applications not supported currently, customers can use the Aquera HR Onboarding Bridge integration with CyberArk Identity.

Automated outbound provisioning to target apps

The Aquera Account Provisioning Gateway uses standards based SCIM protocol to integrate with CyberArk Identity. It leverages custom-built connectors to create, update, and deactivate user accounts in cloud applications, on-premises applications, databases, directories, and devices. 

While CyberArk Identity already supports user provisioning to various target applications and includes a generic SCIM connector to help create a custom provisioning integration to any SCIM compliant applications, customers can leverage the Aquera Account Provisioning gateway to support non-SCIM compliant applications that are not currently integrated with CyberArk.

To learn more about the CyberArk and Aquera integration and subscription details, please reach out to your CyberArk account representative.


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