CyberArk Remote Access 22.7 Release

August 9, 2022 Lilach Faerman Koren

CyberArk Remote Access 22.7 Release

CyberArk has released new capabilities for our Vendor PAM solution. With this release, users can now edit and resend pending invitations to vendors for improved operational efficiency. It also provides the option to use granular email domains to ensure better control of vendor access and measurable risk reduction. Lastly, users can now predefine working days and hours for external vendors to match the organizations’ needs and time zone, for improved visibility and control of vendors’ activity.

Edit Pending Invitations and Resend Invitations to Vendors

When working with external vendors, the required time frame for vendor access may need to change. Until now, inviting vendors with pending or expired status required restarting the invitation process. This new release allows for a much shorter and more efficient process of updating existing vendor invitations. Now, inviters can reopen existing invitations for pending or expired requests, update only the relevant fields they wish to change, and simply resend the invitation with a click of a button.

Granular Email Domains

To help avoid a situation where an employee invites unauthorized people from other organizations, customers can now predefine the authorized domains from which users can be invited. This ensures that invitations are sent only to relevant vendors from specific organizations. Before this release, an allowlist of email domains was available only on the tenant level (global email domain configuration per tenant), which all vendor managers and external vendor managers had to follow.

With this new feature, customers can choose to limit specific domains for vendor manager invitations, which must be a subset group of the global email domain (if it exists) on the tenant level.

Approved Working Hours/Days for Vendors

Until now, the invitation time frame for assigned applications was limited to specific dates. This new release eliminates concerns about lack of visibility and control caused by time zone differences or organizations’ working hours. Inviters can now limit the global time frame to specific days and hours, so invitees are granted access to assigned applications and resources only when it aligns with the organization’s needs and working hours.

For more information on these features, visit the links below:

Edit invitation 

Granular email domain

Approved working days/hours

For more information on all Remote Access features, please visit

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