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Top Considerations for Identity Security Platforms On-Demand

August 11, 2023

A robust Identity Security strategy breaks the usual silos of identity tools and instead takes a holistic approach, applying intelligent privilege controls to all identities – human and machine – with continuous threat detection and prevention across the entire identity lifecycle. It’s not only possible; it is the preferred approach organizations take.  We'll explain what an Identity Security platform should offer and why.

The CyberArk Identity Security Platform is the first line of defense against malicious actors and unauthorized access, protecting what matters most.

In this 30-minute session, you will learn how the CyberArk Identity Security Platform:

Applies intelligent privilege controls to all identities – both human and machine.
Reduces cyber risk and increases resilience for your organization.

Enables Zero Trust and least privilege with complete visibility, ensuring that every identity can securely access any resource, located anywhere, from everywhere

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