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Collaborative ecosystems Tackling Identity Security challenges together

October 19, 2023

In Australia, there are major trends driving cyber security resilience and Identity Security. These include the introduction of new obligations related to Critical Infrastructure, which necessitate compliance across pivotal sectors. The rapid migration to cloud infrastructure, ongoing investments in digital transformation, and the advent of emerging technologies such as generative AI are contributing to this evolving landscape. ​

Watch this panel discussion with Deloitte, The Missing Link and Accenture as they offer insights on industry-specific challenges and opportunities, delineate organisation’ s strategic priorities and key investments aimed at bolstering organizations' cyber resilience, and discuss scalable, secure-by-design innovations to address key Identity Security market challenges.​

Hosted by Dr Stephenie Andal, Partner Manager​

Panelists: ​
Itay Harel, Deloitte
Aaron Bailey, The Missing Link, ​
Anu Kukar, Accenture​

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