CyberArk Secure Browser Overview Video

March 22, 2024

CyberArk Secure Browser is an identity-centric, hardened and purpose-built enterprise browser that is built to eliminate security gaps between consumer-focused browsers, SaaS applications, endpoint-based controls, and identity providers. 

By working together with your existing security infrastructure, CyberArk Secure Browser makes it easy for IT teams to tailor security, privacy, and productivity controls on managed and unmanaged devices across the complete workforce. 

In this cloud-first era where enterprises cannot do without browsers and, at the same time, are reluctant to move away from consumer-focused browsers to prevent disrupting end-user experience, CyberArk Secure Browser helps security teams balance security and productivity to stay ahead of the curve.

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CyberArk Secure Browser Demo Video
CyberArk Secure Browser Demo Video

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